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Plants by post

We all like to receive a parcel in the post, especially during these tough times. The lock down has pushed us to offer a service we have been thinking about for a while, Herbs by post. We can now offer our lovingly grown Herbs to plant enthusiasts across the country! Maybe you have a border or pot to fill, or possibly just a nice bright spot on your windowsill. Now you can get the perfect Herbs and Pelargoniums without leaving the house.

One of the issues that has held us back from sending out our plants was packaging. We needed something that would allow us to send our plants in good condition, but without having a negative impact on the environment. We ordered plants from various nurseries and companies that offered delivery, to see what solutions others had found. Some were good but wouldn't work with the huge range of plants we offer, and others contained large amounts of plastic.

Now we have a system which allows us to send plants by post with no plastic packaging materials, meaning you can reuse and recycle with ease. If you have a good compost heap you can even compost the packaging! The plants are still grown in plastic pots, but we have moved over to CPF (carbon pigment free) pots which can go out with your kerbside recycling unlike standard plastic pots.

There is one drawback to plastic free packaging, and that is we cannot send the plants if they are too wet, so that the packaging isn't made weak by water. They may look a little disheveled, in the absence of light and a fixed orientation the leaves begin to turn in all directions! But don't worry, they will be back to perfect condition in no time.

When you receive your plants get them out of the packaging as soon as you can, if you cannot for any reason just place the package in a cool, dark place. Once unpacked the plants will need a drink, however it is important not to give them too much. We find that going from dry to very wet can cause problems. Just give each plant a bit of water to start with, so that the pot feels a bit heavier but not water logged. Next you need to give them the chance to re-orientate to the the sun and gravity, and for the leaves to re adjust to moving air. To do this put them in a bright spot, but with no direct sunlight or wind. A day or two later they will be ready to go in your garden or windowsill!

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