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Buy Herbs, Salvias and Pelargoniums online and in person from our family run nursery

The Webstore and Nursery are now open!

Bring your garden and kitchen to life with herbs

Plant your own herb Garden 

If you are new to gardening please read through our herb guide to help you choose the right plants for you. Click on the picture below!



Bee friendly Herbs

Bees are essential to a healthy environment, we rely on them and other insects to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables, but bees are under threat. Thirty five UK bee species are near extinction, and all species are facing a decline so do your bit to help the bees and add some bee friendly plants to your garden. Read our guide to the herbs Bees love!

Mentha x piperita citrata 'Grapefruit'.J
Allium ursinum.JPG

Edible Herb Flowers

Add a splash of colour to your salad, or decorate a cake with beautiful herb flowers. Some have a spicy flavour while others are floral and fragrant. Here are some ideas so you can give it a go!

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