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Herb Guide 

Choosing your plants

Our herbs fall under three categories; annual, biennial, or perennial

An annual plant will go through its whole life cycle in one year- germination, flowering, seeding, then dying. For example wild rocket, Borage, Calendula, most annual plants self seed freely, so you will find lots more popping up a year later! 

A biennial will flower in its second year, then die, for example Evening primrose or Viper's bugloss.

Perennial describes a plant that will live at least three years! For example Rosemary, Thyme and Sage. 

Most of our herbs are hardy, meaning they can survive all year round outside and do not need protection from the frost. Half-hardy plants (Tarragon and lemon verbena for example) need a little help in the winter, so plant in a spot sheltered from the frost or fleece on frosty night. Tender plants like lemon grass and stevia come from much warmer climates and like to be kept above 10 degrees, so need a heated greenhouse or can move into your conservatory. 

Some herbs prefer a sunny spot, while others prefer shade, click on the link below for a guide for what to plant where!

How to care for your herbs 

If you are planting herbs in your garden they will need watering until they get established if it is hot and sunny. If you are keeping your herb in a pot, water as needed, for example if the soil has dried out, you need to water, but if the soil is still wet, wait another day and check again! 


Guide to bee friendly herbs

Monarda fistulosa.JPG

Edible herb flowers 

Mentha spicata var. crispa 'Morrocan'  2

What to plant where! 

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